Talent Show 2018

SMS Talent Show 2018

It’s time to get excited for the Spring 2018 talent show!  Southampton Middle School has many students with wonderful talents that should be showcased.  This year’s talent show will be held on Thursday, April 5 at 7:00 pm at C. Milton Wright.  Application slips can be downloaded from the PTSA website: http://smsptsa.org/talentshow or picked up in the school office beginning Monday December 4th. Students who wish to audition must return their completed application slip to school no later than February 2.  Please start brainstorming some ideas during Christmas break!

  • APPLICATIONS:  Audition Permission slip 2018 or picked up in the school office beginning Monday, December 4th.  Please return them to the school office no later than February 2.  You will receive an email confirming that your application has been accepted for the audition process by February 9.
  • AUDITIONS:  February 22 or 26 from 3:00-5:00 pm at SMS in the gym. Please report to the school gym after school to sign in and receive a number.  We will proceed in order of the sign in sheet that day.
  • LYRICS:   Please make sure song choices are appropriate for middle school.  Printed lyrics must be provided with your permission slip.  Students with missing lyrics or inappropriate songs will NOT be selected for auditions.  If you have hesitation about a song, please select a new song!
  • ACT SUGGESTIONS:  singing (karaoke style), instrumental, gymnastics, comedy routine/skits, magic tricks that use large props, dance routines (not freestyle), jump rope, baton, sports acts, cheerleading, dramatic readings, martial arts, etc.
  • EMCEE:  Audition to be an “Emcee” to introduce a few acts!  Public speaking is an awesome talent!
  • BACKSTAGE CREWWe are looking for several students to serve as backstage crew assistants.  The responsibilities include setting up props, microphones, music stands, and assist with curtain opening and closing.  The show would not be possible without these incredibly organized folks!

Please remember:

  1. Audition material should be planned & practiced before the audition.
  2. If costumes are required, students should wear them for the audition.
  3. Microphones and CD player are supplied. We can NOT play music from your phone or iPod. This is for your safety of your valuables.
  4. Please limit your act to no longer than 3-4 minutes.
  5. Groups: all students in the group must turn in application slips together.

Looking forward to auditioning all the great acts! ~Krisi Spencer & Becky Maloy

Feel free to contact us at krisi.spencer@verizon.net or jbmaloy@msn.com